Complaint Management

A Web based system is used to log, respond, investigate and analyze complaints. This should include both negative feedback (complaints), along with positive feedback. Our Complaint software will significantly improve your company’s quality performance by providing the ability to respond quickly to customer complaints. This ultimately increases customer satisfaction and brand reputation.


Complaint Management

Managing and reporting all customer feedback and complaints. Its help you investigate, capture, track and report on issues and exceptions. Cases that don't fit into a neat category, but require investigation and analysis.

Complaint launch

Customer can submit his/her complaint by name, email, cell number, subject, write message and then click to the submit button

Complaint receipt

When the Association receives a written complaint, it is required to contact the Member, and to provide the Member with a copy of the complaint and supporting materials. Upon receipt of the complaint the Member is entitled to submit a written response to the complaint and to provide any additional documentation.

Complaint logs

Complaint report sheets and logs to help you implement on a day to day basis.

Complaint Status management

This gives you specific power examine area of the department that are not working on the best interest of the consumer and refer to these to concern department for further investigation.

Complaint search

The search engine provides a listing of public complaints against persons or business that, at the time of the complaint. Enter the last name of the person or the name of the business. If your search is on a person, you may also enter the person’s first initial.

Complaint priority Management (administrator)

This guide to handling customer complaints discusses why it is in business's interest to give a high priority to effective complaint management. It recommends practical procedures for reviewing and resolving customer complaints and for using them as management tools.

Complaint Respond action management

The complaint will be acknowledged in writing within a minute. Complaints will be effectively assessed, investigated, and in all but exceptional circumstances a response will be provided within minutes. More complicated complaints may require more time to investigate.

Phone Book

• Data base to store customer details • Easy Installation • Pure web Application • Search Function • Voice mail box setup • Flexible Data Import Export


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