IPBX Setup

A small business private branch exchange system gives each of your employee’s access to multiple phone lines through their desk’s phone. It is a complete telephony system that provides telephone calls over IP data networks. All conversations are sent as data packets over the network. The technology includes advanced communication features but also provides a significant dose of worry-free scalability and robustness. The IP PBX is also able to connect to traditional PSTN lines via an optional gateway.
We set up and maintain state-of- the-art hardware and software at our secure site and give access to you and your customers. Our PBX works with any kind of phone, including land-based phones, cellular phones, VOIP phones, and more.


Call Monitoring

Call monitoring involves a certain privileged user (e.g. a supervisor) tapping into a phone to monitor other extensions allowing being monitored. IP-PBX has three monitoring mode: Listen – you can only listen to the call but can’t talk. Whisper – you can listen to and talk with the monitored extension without being heard by the other party. Barge-in – you can talk with both parties.

Database Store / Retrieve

Our IP-PBX supports call recording feature to record every phone conversation and store call recording files in external storage (e.g.. USB, TF, SD, HDD). And it is free without charge in S-Series VoIP PBX.

Interactive Directory Listing

The directory module allows you to create dial-by-name directories of users that can be accessed by callers through modules like the IVR. You can create a company-wide directory or one for an individual department. You may also specify where the user goes when they choose a directory member.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

A phone system application that prompts callers with recorded messages and options and processes voice input and/or touch-phone keypad selections from these menus. The IVR function responds to these inputs by providing appropriate information in the form of voice response or provides a connection to a “live” operator.

Caller ID

Caller ID displays information about the caller on the screen of Caller ID-enabled phone. Caller ID data is transmitted between the first and second rings. When a call is answered immediately after the first ring, caller ID may not be available.

Music on Hold

Music played to callers while they are putting on hold. You can upload any .wav or .gsm file with music to Yeastar IPPBX and set the on-hold music for your business.

Three-way Calling

Three-way calling is used to connect a third person to an existing two-way call. The calls on the Three-Way Calling can be made with internal extensions as well as outside callers.


Associate a voicemail box with an extension, or use an announce-only voicemail box to provide customers with a pre-recorded message when they choose an option on an auto attendant or extension.


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