Restaurant Management

A complete restaurant POS system that can be easily customized for use in any type of food service establishment. Whether you run a fine dining and table service restaurant, a quick service, pizza delivery and take-out establishment, this POS has all the features that you need to control your bottom line, and fully manage your ordering and fulfillment process.


Menu Management

A tool not only builds menus and corresponding reports but also provides you with Price Per CustomerDay costing and product-specific reporting, as well as the ability to generate order information

Expense Management

A tool that’s automates and simplify expense reporting. Capture Receipts: take a picture of your receiptsand never lose a receipt again Mileage Tracking: record distance with appropriate mileage.

Recipe Management

A tool that’s Create recipes quickly and easily. Immediately see the impact of any changes on cost,automatically create recipe information sheets, finished product specifications and labels.

Inventory Management

let you track usage, monitor changes in unit rupees’ costs, calculate when you need to reorder, and analyze inventory levels on an item-by- item basis.

Floor Management

A tool that’s keep track of your customers as the size of your parties change throughout the night, so will your layout. Your staff can make the required adjustments directly in the POS, so you never lose track of a customer

Orders Management

A tool that’s manage all orders in one solution direct entry orders, or orders from your store cash registers through our Point of Sale Module to automate and consolidate your order management fulfillment workflow to ensure fast delivery and happy customers.

Live Reports

A web-based system easy to use quickly create report templates, you can get live reports export to multiple formats, turn raw data into insightful information.

Live Kitchen

One view will show all orders that are outstanding on the kitchen, when they were placed, and when they are due. All staff work off the same piece of information, ensuring that the customer’s order is delivered in a timely and efficient manner.


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