Construction Management System

Our software is an innovative management solution created for the construction industries. The system can mirror your company's structure and optimize the entire workflow, giving you full control over your business.


Customer Management

No matter where your clients come from, it’s handy to keep all their details in one simple location and manage them within seconds. Its allows you to edit your customer information from one place without having to make the same changes in different folders within the software.


Manage all projects from one easily accessible place. Control budget spending and oversee project completion ensuring smooth data flow thanks to integration with external tools Gives you control over vendors, contracts, regulations, buyers, and spending

Quotation & Estimation

Getting your quotes and estimates right is the cornerstone of a profitable project. You can generate sales quotes with complete quotation content including images, notes, and terms and conditions,


Our Accounting feature lets you to create , generate and save invoices under the relevant client, task, or stage of project, track their progress, set up recurring invoices, and compare invoices to purchase orders, to name but a few.


Keep track of your projects value, associated costs, outdated payments, sent and received invoices, and planned expenses to make sure you stay on budget and increase your projects profitability.


All the necessary information through custom dashboards and detailed high level reports, whether it be about a specific project or for the whole company.Reports can be viewed and downloaded in a number of different formats, giving you insight to all the necessary information


we provide our clients the peace of mind they deserve for their technological needs

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