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Alisons Technology architects and deploys a cloud infrastructure solution that provides full-stack, modern and agile data-center services to various organizations. To ensure that your business is future ready, our highly-skilled team of engineers have worked tirelessly to provide you with the most efficient solution for your business needs. We can analyze your current IT system and network and assist you in determining your needs. We can then design and implement a new system, or even restructure your old system to maximize the efficiency of the network.

What we do?

Our team of expert can help you transform your IT infrastructure into a secure and strategic system with its Data Solutions offerings which include

Data center design and build-out

We work with you to determine the best network architecture, capacity, and speed you need currently as well as into the future to ensure the best performance and reliability. we work to ensure your data center is eco-friendly and has the minimal effect on the environment.

Desktop virtualization

We can help you by providing desktop virtualization implementation services specific to your business needs.The desktop environment is stored on a remote or centralized server, and can be accessed from any location. Employees can work remotely during on or off hours with their own devices through a secure connection, greatly increasing productivity.

Wireless Network

Network resources can be accessed from any location within the covered area. Employees are not tethered to their work stations and can take their connection with them between conference rooms.

Cloud Computing

We offers cloud computing services to assist your company and help you focus on your primary business. Cloud Computing is the practice of storing data and applications through the internet as opposed to using your computer’s hard drive. cloud provides the ability to add to or reduce bandwidth quickly and easily..


we provide our clients the peace of mind they deserve for their technological needs

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