Fault Indicator

Digital fault monitoring system with multi-functional capabilities all contained in one device including Digital Fault Recorder, System Monitor, Power Quality Monitor, Phasor Measurement Unit, Fault Locator and Circuit Breaker Monitor. It can allow remote access through Smart devices via internet. It has ability to significantly reduce operating costs.

Product feature

  • Online monitoring of the short circuit fault and earth fault, over-current, off line, theft case, load current and so on.

  • Monitoring line load current, and display the current change curve on the system center.

  • Can be used as inspection system.

  • Can be customize according to customer’s requirements.

  • Remote sensing.

  • Remote measurement.

  • Remote communication.


  • Using the latest research and development of testing technology, to detect the high accuracy of fault.

  • Overhead distribution lines using the method of zero sequence current, five times harmonic method.

  • Inspection terminal using solar power, long service life.

  • Center software has two-way communication function.

  • Can use the curve display line current change.

  • Can be recorded and indicates the continuous occurrence of failure.

  • Sent SMS to related management personnel mobile phone in time.

  • Close communication with wireless communications.


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